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Cory’s Latest Facebook Post


Back on the mainland after an O’Neill Team Photo Trip to surf pristine, beautiful (but cold) Tofino, British Columbia;
Cory lays down a classic “Bert” tailslide at a skatepark, somewhere in the “North Country”. What, you didn’t think the kid could skate…?

Cory Lopez added a new photo: “It’s been awhile since I rode one of these at a place like this. Stoked we made this stop. #gooseberry #roadtrip @oneill @rockstarenergy @freestyle_watch @wavejet @nektonsurf @inspecsusa @onamissionsurf @greglutzka haha I gave it a go.”


Cory Lopez inks multi-year deal with Inspecs USA


Cory Lopez - wearing his new O’Neill #RAW sunglasses by Inspecs USA.  Photo: Tupat

Cory Lopez – wearing his new O’Neill #RAW sunglasses by Inspecs USA. Photo: Tupat


March 2014 — Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA

Inspecs USA, the International license holder for O’Neill Eyewear is delighted to announce the signing of long-standing O’Neill sponsored Athlete, American professional surfer Cory Lopez, as the new Global Brand Ambassador for O’Neill Eyewear. This new role extends Cory’s global affiliation with the brand from wetsuits and clothing, to now include eyewear.

Lopez expressed enthusiasm with this latest venture stating, ”As a long time O’Neill team rider I was really stoked when I heard O’Neill was launching a sunglass line with Inspecs USA. I knew right away that I wanted to be part of it. Now that I am, all I am thinking about is working with them to make the sickest pair of sunglasses on the market and you better believe we are going to use the best lenses you can find because I don’t just look at waves all the time. I’m also an avid fisherman and Captain who needs a glass that will help me see the fish when I’m out on the water”.

Inspecs USA shares this sentiment, “We are incredibly excited to work with Cory. We have faith he will be a phenomenal brand ambassador and look forward to a great long-term relationship with Cory and O’Neill,” added Vance Wright, Inspecs USA President.

Keep an eye out for Cory’s new signature O’Neill eyewear line wherever you can find O’Neill wetsuits and clothing and at finer eyewear/optical stores nationwide in 2014.

For consumers and fans of the brand alike, the new line will be an excellent addition to the O’Neill family. As Vance explains, “The new O’Neill/Cory Lopez signature models will not hold back on functionality or style. They will showcase as the best looking frames, with the latest lens technology, solid protection – and all while staying at an affordable price point.”

O’Neill was founded on a passion for surfing and Cory’s passion for riding waves is exemplified by his numerous professional accolades and a resume to back it up!

A one-time # 1 ranked surfer on the elite ASP WCT (World Championship Tour) ‘Leader Board, recipient of three consecutive X Games Gold Medals; one ISA Gold and two ISA Silvers, U.S. Open of Surfing Champion, Pipeline Masters finalist, two-time Surfer Mag ‘Guts for Glory’ winner, Billabong Pro Tahiti Champion, Surfer Mag Tube of the Year winner, and top 3 final season contender for the ASP World Title (to name a few).

Hailing from Florida’s Gulf Coast, Cory, along with “big brother” Shea (Lopez), 11X World Champ Kelly Slater, and the Hobgood Brothers, helped put Florida on the world surfing map. His daring exploits at places like Teahupoo Tahiti opened the door for competitive big wave tube riding in waves of consequence. In like manner, Cory is credited with helping to lead the aerial surfing charge and is still considered to be a leader and innovator of “above the wave” aerial maneuvers.

Look for an upcoming Flashpoint Feature on Cory in ‘The Surfer’s Journal’ and a ‘Surfer Mag’ story on his recent “Deep Strike Mission” to Mexico!

Cory Lopez wearing the Psycho 3 O'Neill Wetsuit

Cory Lopez wearing the Psycho 3 O’Neill Wetsuit


Cory’s sponsorship portfolio includes: O’Neill Wetsuits, Clothing & Eyewear, Rockstar Energy Drink, Freestyle USA, WaveJet Propuslion, Mayhem Surfboards (Lost/Placebo), On-A-Mission, and Nekton Surf Shop.

Surfline Video Feature by O’Neill - Cory chases a swell, surfing up the California Coastline to the frigid waters of Santa Cruz, home of O’Neill Wetsuits.

Cory Lopez, O’Neill X Games ESPN “Legendary Video”

Cory Lopez World Travel Blog:

Cory Lopez Official Fan Site:

O’Neill Team Profile:


About O’Neill (Santa Cruz CA & Netherlands)

A global innovator, Jack O’Neill invented the first neoprene wetsuit in 1952 to surf the cold waters off Santa Cruz California. O’Neill has been recognized as the #1 wetsuit brand in the world ever since. Now a global leader in wetsuits, apparel, accessories and eyewear, the brand (O’Neill International) now based in The Netherlands continues to lead in innovation. www.o’

About Inspecs USA (Bath, UK & Clearwater, Florida)

Inspecs USA is the American sector of British based Inspecs, a design and innovation-driven eyewear company. The company was established in 1988 with the mission to produce desirable eyewear with excellent value. Inspecs designs, manufactures, and markets a wide spectrum of products to appeal to a diverse customer base, from competitively priced and uniquely tailored private label programs to expertly crafted branded collections.

For more information on O’Neill Eyewear:

Contact Inspecs USA Marketing Manager, Mirela Parrinello:

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Wonder what Cory Lopez has been up to lately?

Watch Cory Chase a Swell up the California Coast to the frigid waters of Santa Cruz.

Look for an upcoming Wave Jet Promo Video Featuring Cory and crew surfing and fishing a secret reef pass “somewhere” in the Caribbean. Catch a sneak peak here.

Scroll below for a preview of this and more; including Cory’s ‘Deep Strike’ Mission to Mainland Mex for an upcoming Surfer Magazine story and his upcoming ‘Flash Point’ Feature in The Surfer’s Journal. Learn about how Cory changed the world of ‘Pro Surfing’ by riding “one” solitary wave at a South Pacific Reef Pass (Surfer Magazine’s “Wave of the Century”).

…also stay tuned for the announcement of Cory’s new sunglass sponsor. We trust it will be a “familiar” name and probably not who you’re thinking.

Scroll Below for ALL this and more…

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Caribbean Fun

Thanks @wavejet and @sunsailuk for the awesome setup. Video courtesy of @therealtupat

Cory & crew motoring out – Island Bound for WaveJet Photo/Video Shoot


@shealopez and @nicolalugo have been on fire. Good times with the @wavejet team. @petemendia @jvosurfs @kelly_wavejet_girl @sunsailuk
Cory’s Crew Caribe Wave Jet Expedition Crew; recent East Coast Hall of Fame Inductee (Big Brother) Shea Lopez and w/the days catch!   
Photo: Cory Lopez
Trip out was about as nice as you can ask for in February. Got a late start that put us in to harbor an hour after dark, which is not ideal in unfamiliar waters. All in all the trip has started epic with a few waves and a few nice fish on the first day. @wavejet @sunsailuk #sunsail #wavejet


Facebook Video ‘Sneak-Peak’



Upcoming Surfer Mag Story featuring Cory at this “Secret Mexican Beach Break”

Cory Lopez Surfer Mag – Deep Mex Strike “Bird’s Eye Facebook Preview” by Lugo

Look for an upcoming Surfers Journal ‘Flash Point’ feature that tells the story of how Cory Lopez forever changed the surfing world by riding this wave…



Island "Hopping" w/ Cory Lopez by Chris Wilson

Island “Hopping” w/ Cory Lopez by Chris Wilson

Cory Lopez @rockstarenergy representing on the #gulfcoast


Cory Lopez @RealCoryLopez





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O’Neill Blog Profile Interview


ONEILL: How has growing up where you did shape you as a surfer?
CORY: Growing up on the gulf with no waves made me really appreciate good waves and surfing. It’s probably why to this day when the waves are good ill surf all day till I’m absolutely beat.

Tell us about your hometown.
I grew up in Florida in the small town of Indian Rocks Beach. It was a great place to grow up, it just has very few days of surf a year.

Who are your big influences?
My Dad he is the coolest. As far as surfing goes it has always been Occy.

Is style important to you?

What improvements have you made in your surfing?
I’m always working on all aspects of my surfing.

Where was the last place you traveled to?
Santa Cruz

Tell us about it.
The swell was absolutely tiny in the bay and we had to shoot a ad for wetsuits. Basically we had to drive our ass off up and down the coast to find waves. We ended up finding fun waves and got some decent shoots too. I always have a good time in Santa Cruz.

How important is it to you to maintain that balance between the pure fun of surfing and the competition side?
Its tough, both can be fun but nothing beats a epic day of surfing with your friends. Except maybe wining teahupoo or the U.S. open. Hard to say, ill never forget my first time surfing Donkey bay with no one out or Mundaka in 96 with only eight guys out and as good as i have ever seen it.

Is there going to come a point in your career when you’re going to have to sacrifice fun for professional obligations? That happened a long time ago, but i could never complain about this job, it’s the greatest job in the world.

What do you want out of life? To be happy, watch my kids grow and hopefully surf my entire life.