Nickname(s): Lopey
DOB: March 21, 1977
Sponsors: O’Neill, Rockstar Energy DrinkFreestyle Watches, Placebo/Lost, Nekton Surf Shop, Wavejet
Top 5 Bands: Jimmy Hendrix, AFI, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 12th ave Ryduz, T.I.
Favorite Surfers: Occy, AI, Freddy P, Slater
What do you do besides surf: Spend time w/ my family, Fish, Follow Pro Sports – Football, Basketball, NASCAR (Bucs, Rays, Magic, etc.)
3 Things you care about: My Family (wife Jenn, daughter Alana, son Luke, & new born baby Leila)
Last Words: Take it to the tens.

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Teahupoo rarely comes to Florida, but @corylopez knows exactly where to go to get shacked senseless when a giant North Atlantic storm takes over the whole ocean. This was yesterday (2/12), with more to come. Check the site for the full #swellstory later today. (Also, stay tuned for #dispatchcaribbean — we sent a few pros down to the Caribbean along with Surfline photo editor @billywatts to take advantage of the swell and we’ll be doing daily updates over the weekend.) Photo: Mark Hill Surfline  #North Atlantic Blows Florida Surfers V-Day Kiss!


Cory Lopez to replace Aritz Aranburu in Allianz Perfect Chapter



CASCAIS (February 18, 2015) – The 4th annual Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong has been called ON for Friday. Some of the best tube riders in the world are joining the Portuguese crew for a one-day barrel-oriented

competition at Carcavelos Beach (Cascais, Portugal). First official call is scheduled for 7 am tomorrow morning.

Being an event where participants are chosen by the public through free web-based polling, event organizers have immediately convoked the most voted surfers to attend the competition. Some of them, though, are currently in Australia competing in WSL qualifying events and won’t be able to attend Perfect Chapter, urging the organization to make the necessary replacements.

João Kopke, Alex Botelho, Filipe Jervis Pereira, Cory Lopez and

Edgar Nozes are thus replacing Frederico Morais, Vasco Ribeiro, José Ferreira, Aritz Aranburu and Nathan Hedge, who are attending the Australian events. Tomás Fernandes, Gony Zubizarreta and Pedro Henrique were originally up for replacement (under the Competitors category) but are also competing in Australia, leaving room for Kopke, Botelho and Jervis to take a shot at one of the most wanted surfing titles in Europe.




Thus, the final 16 Perfect Chapter contenders are Tiago Pires, Miguel Blanco, Marlon Lipke, João Kopke, Alex Botelho, Filipe Jervis Pereira, Francisco Alves, João Guedes, Ruben Gonzalez, Alexandre Ferreira, Pedro Scooby, Bruno Santos, Cory Lopez, Nicolau von Rupp, Rodrigo Herédia and Edgar Nozes.

A 15,000€ global prize money will be at stake as well as special awards for best tube (Allianz, 2000€), best score (Kia, 1000€), worst wipeout (Nixon, 500€) and most passionate claim (VonZipper, 300€).

In addition, as a tribute to Ricardo dos Santos, the event’s organization is awarding the most committed surfer with a trophy named after the Brazilian surfer, who was among the 13 athletes chosen by the fans to take part in the competition. The Rds Commitment Award is honoring the most vigorous surfer according to commitment and raw courage criteria, as a way of celebrating Ricardinho’s memory and legacy.

The event will be webcasted live at

The Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong is sponsored by Allianz, the Municipality of Cascais, Billabong, Kia, MOCHE and MEO and it’s associated with the media partners RTP, Fuel TV, Jornal i, Mega Hits, SURFPortugal, SurfTotal, Carve, Surf Session and Hardcore.


Tiago Pires

Miguel Blanco

Marlon Lipke

João Kopke

Alex Botelho

Filipe Jervis Pereira

Francisco Alves

João Guedes

Ruben Gonzalez

Alexandre Ferreira

Pedro Scooby

Bruno Santos

Cory Lopez

Nicolau von Rupp

Rodrigo Herédia

Edgar Nozes

Round 3 – Quarter Finals

H 10 Competitor Info Pts P
Filipe Jervis
Nicolau Von Rupp
Cory Lopez

Round 2 Results

H 6 Competitor Info Pts P
João Kopke 7 3
Cory Lopez 7.45 2
Edgar Nozes 2.8 4
Francisco Alves 7.75 1




Cory Lopez – Exclusive Behind the Scenes Story of the day he scored the Surfer’s Journal Cover Shot




Following “first-hand” account by Cory Lopez…

You can’t win them all and on this day the ocean won.

The waves were about as good as you can get at a spot that almost never breaks. @alekparker and I were the only guys out. We had traded waves for about a hour when this extra thick one came in that I thought looked like a good idea. The drop was really late so I was just focused on that, once I made the drop I knew I was deep. I did a massive pump, but realized right away that there was no chance of making the wave. I tried to time my jump as late as I could in hopes of slipping out the back. But it did not work and I got sucked over and instantly slammed my head into the reef. The blow was hard, dizzying and especially confusing by the fact that a peace of coral had gone straight into my ear and punctured my ear drum. Alec assisted me in getting to the beach since I could not see straight.




The worst part about the whole thing was not the pain of the wipe-out or the pain from the infection in my head that had me feeling like a zombie for six weeks. The worst thing of all, the thing that still hurts to this day, is the fact that I had to go in and leave perfect waves behind.

Cory Scored the following Surfer’s Journal Cover during the same swell and session at this rare Caribbean Secret Spot.



Cory Lopez Scores Cover of The Surfer’s Journal (Current Edition) Surfing “Dream Barrels” at Rare Caribbean Secret Spot…

Cory got barreled out of his brains surfing this secret spot that lit-up during a Hurricane Swell just a few short years ago. He busted his eardrum on the last wave of this session, but scored a bunch of memorable “solo” barrels in the process!




Cory Lopez Facebook Holiday Sweepstakes – Presented by O’Neill Eyewear

holidaypromoIn celebration of good times, “Hollow Waves” and good cheer; O’Neill Eyewear is pleased to announce the Official Cory Lopez Holiday Facebook Sweepstakes Promo!

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Cory Lopez & Friends Score fun Hurricane Bertha Outer Banks

“Driving up,” remembers Florida star Cory Lopez, “we knew the first day could be a little sketchy with the winds, and the second day could be really small. We rolled the dice and scored fun waves both days.”

Surfing Magazine

Six Magazine (Image 14 of 30)

07Robbie-Cory-Photo-Ruddy-19Robbie McCormick is following in Cory Lopez’s footsteps, just not literally.
Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Cory Featured In Surfing Magazine’s Monday Photos: The Best Of Corey Wilson

From Surfing Magazine

Monday Photos: The Best Of Corey Wilson

posted by  / Monday Photos / August 4, 2014

The Box is one of Corey Wilson’s favorite places to shoot. By the looks of this photo, we’d guess that it’s one of Cory Lopez’s favorite places to surf too.

Cory Lopez backdoors a cathedral. All Photos: Corey Wilson

Industry: Cory Lopez Shows Us His Motor – WaveJet SA Launch (Muizenberg)

Industry: Cory Lopez Shows Us His Motor – WaveJet SA Launch (Muizenberg)

by zigzag / posted: 24 June, 2014

It’s hard to believe there’s a jet engine in the 6’6” Cory Lopez is holding here.

01Cory1But it’s true. It’s his WaveJet and he controls the engine with a small device strapped to his wrist.

We can probably all recall a time we’ve been fighting against a strong rip trying to maintain position for an entire session and thought, “I wish my board had a motor?”. Well that’s were the idea came from, and WaveJet have been refining their gadget for a couple of years now. This has allowed them to fit a powerful little motor into the 6’6” their team rider uses to get barrelled.

01TestThis past Saturday, 20 June, WaveJet South Africa invited Cory Lopez to Cape Town to help promote their venture along our shore. The official launch of WaveJet SA started with a demo day at Muizenberg beach, which was open to the public and offered them a chance to give one of the powered boards a go.

01Cory_SurfCory Lopez was zipping all over the Berg surf on his WaveJet.

After the excitement down at the beach, the party moved indoors for the launch party at the Blue Bird Garage. An epic time was had by those who attended, and Nick Franck scored himself a complete WaveJet surfboard system valued at R50 000. His days of fighting rips are over (if he wants).

01NickNick Franck gets congratulated by Patrick Skeates and Luke Green before claiming his prize.

Check out some more photos of the demo day down at the Berg on
WaveJet have also uploaded a Facebook album full of rad moments from the after party.

01Nick2An elated Nick Franck (centre) celebrates winning his WaveJet surfboard system valued at R50 000 with the WaveJet crew at the launch party in Muizenberg on Saturday. (Left to right) Jordon Voloshin, Mike Railey, Cory Lopez, Nick Franck, Patrick Skeates and Luke Green

Nick Franck from Plumstead in Cape Town was the winner of the WaveJet surfboard system valued at R50 000 at the launch party for WaveJet South Africa attended by surfing legend Cory Lopez in Muizenberg on Saturday night.

“I’ve never won anything in my life so when my number came up I was in awe,” said an elated Franck. “I’m really stoked and looking forward to putting my new WaveJet to good use in the surf.”

The prize includes a full 7 ft Evo model WaveJet system built by Frankie Oberholzer in Durban with a WaveJet Power Pod, a Blank Pod for non-powered use, a Seatooth®-enabled Wrist Controller and a Charging Station.

After a series of raffles with prizes totalling more than R25 000, the winning ticket for the main prize was drawn by Cory Lopez, the Florida based former World No. 3 ranked surfer and three-time X-Games winner renowned for his fearless charging in big, hollow waves in Hawaii and Tahiti.

Lopez is in South Africa on a promotional tour with WaveJet inventor and CEO Mike Railey and Marketing Manager Jordon Voloshin. The trio displayed the latest product offerings, including 6’6” (two metre) surfboards manufactured with high strength carbon fibre, in the waves at Muizenberg beach on Sunday.

Their tour will take them to Jeffreys Bay later this week, where they hope to test the WaveJet designs in the legendary waves of Supertubes before moving up the coast to Durban.

For further information contact WaveJet South Africa’s Patrick Skeates at 082 824 7426 /

The WaveJet South Africa Launch Party was proudly supported by Vonzipper, Sector 9, Xcel, O’Neill, Rock Star, Xpressions on the Beach, Corner Surf Shop, FCS, Island Tribe, shift*eight VoIP, First Impressions, Long Beach Brewery and the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID).

About WaveJet:
WaveJet is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind Personal Water Propulsion system that will change the way you interact with water. A clean, quiet, battery-powered dual jet drive, the WaveJet Power Pod is fully modular and universally sized to be interchangeably popped into any WaveJet-ready personal watercraft, including surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, boogie boards, fishing craft, rescue boards and more. WaveJet overcomes the traditional limitations of surfing and paddling. It puts you where the action is. Fast. WaveJet lets you break free.

WaveJet South Africa, an authorised distributor of WaveJet products in South Africa, introduced the systems to this country in September 2013.

Rentals of the WaveJet systems are available on Muizenberg beach, at Surf Shack or online at  WaveJet SUP boards can be rented from Xpressions on the Beach.

Purchases of WaveJet systems can be made at Corner Surf Shop, Xpressions on the Beach or online at

See more on WaveJet South Africa at