12.18 Cory Lopez's Nekton Surf Shop 5th Anniversary Christmas Celebration a Huge Success! Check it out!

11.23 Cory is nominated for the Surfer Mag Tube of the Year Award for being whipped into this Tahitian giant!

11.17 Check out Cory ripping Rocky Lefts on The North Shore

11.01 WaveJet Announces Addition of Professional Surfer Cory Lopez as a Global Brand Ambassador Read More

10.25 "The Hunt"... Featuring 'Hurricane Maria' Starring Cory & Shea Lopez, Matty Lopez, Alek Parker, a "few" Jelly Fish and guest appearance by Taj Burrow (Post NY Quik Pro) Watch the Video

10.22 The Lopez brothers enjoy a bit of Southeast swell in Florida. Watch the Video

10.21 Cory Lopez up for possible nomination - Surfer Mag Tube of the Year Award for strapless tow-in beast at Teaupoo. Watch the Video

09.02 Knowing the Teahupoo line-up like the back of his hand, Cory was one of the Jet Ski Tow-in Drivers on the Giant Day. He then took his turn behind the tow rope to get slung into this one towards the end of the session. Most of the Photogs had left the line-up, except for a handful, like Peter Wilson (Joli). Cory Lopez - Tahitian Tow-in Monster during the Mega Tow-in Session at Teahupoo - 2011 Billabong Pro

06.10 Cory Lopez eyes spot on World Tour...again

06.01 Cory Lopez Interview Headlines ESPN Action Sports Page

05.27 Cory Lopez blogs through Brazil, airs Sponsor Giveaway Contest on Facebook

05.11 The Billabong Rio Pro begins. Cory Lopez gets start in 3rd consecutive major ASP World Tour event of the year! The Billabong Rio Pro holds a waiting period from May 11 through 22 and is webcast LIVE

05.03 Read Shea's predictions on who to watch at this year's Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro

04.06 It's Official! Cory will get a start in the second major ASP event of the 2011 World Tour as the #1 alternate at the Rip Curl Pro Bells event (April 19-30, 2011). Go Cory!

04.06 Surfer Mag's 2011 Hot 100 - Matty Lopez in the ranks of the world's best!

03.23 Watch Cory Lopez Innersection Final Cut

03.23 Watch Cory Lopez Innersection Trailer

02.11 Watch Cory Lopez surf the first WT event of year down in Australia
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02.11 Cory Lopez replaces Dane Reynolds at Snapper
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02.11 Cory Lopez psyches up for Snapper
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02.11 Cory Lopez replaces Dane Reynolds at Snapper
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02.11 Cory Lopez, Mark Matthews, Sam Lamiroy and a host of friends find perfect surf in Morocco

02.11 Watch Southbound with Slater and Lopez on ESPN's site
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02.11 Watch Cory in a couple of O'Neill youtube videos
Lopez Sessions
Cruising with Cory